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Looking for the best contest prep information to get lean and cut and be stage-ready? Check out these informative articles and get super lean in no time flat.

The Perfect Figure Competition Diet Plan
If you have tossed around the idea about entering a physique contest, you may have been searching for the absolute best figure competition diet plan available. Be forewarned…

Figure Model Diet
You have seen them on the covers of Oxygen Magazine and Muscle & Fitness Hers. They are figure and fitness models and they are getting a LOT of attention with their lean, hard, and sexy physiques.

Figure Competitor Diet Plan (Sample Menu)
If you have spent any time researching figure prep diets online, you will come across a whole host of various figure contest diet plans. Luckily, I am going to share with you a few figure contest prep secrets.

Here's a really DELICIOUS chicken recipe you can give a try. This chicken recipe is great for off-season or pre-contest. It's Fake-'n-bake. A tasty way to "shake-'n-bake your chicken.

Sample Menu Plan
Preparing for a figure competition is a quest. To obtain a lean, hard, and muscular on the competitive stage you MUST diet appropriately.

Figure Competition Diet Plans
First time competitors are always on the search for new and some of the best figure competition diet plans to make their prep easy and pain-free.

Model Diet Menu
Look at the fabulous figure and fitness models covering the popular fitness magazines. They are lean, sleek, and sexy. Have you ever wondered how they get in such FANTASTIC shape?

Figure Competition Diet (Secrets Tips)
Finding the perfect figure competition diet can be quite a task. To be successful you have to lean up by losing excess body fat so you can display your finely detailed muscles on stage.

How to Stay One Step Ahead of Your Figure Competition
Congratulations. You made the decision to compete in a figure contest. The whole prep process can be overwhelming standing on the outside looking in.

Peanut Butter Crumble Black Bean Brownies
Want an over-the-top and tasty dessert recipe? You have to try these Peanut Butter Crumble Black Bean Brownies. Yes, sounds strange, but...


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