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From: Karen Sessions - Figure Coach

Let’s face it. If you want abs and want to get ripped you have to have your nutrition in check. You can’t out train a bad diet no matter how hard you try. It may surprise you to know that only a handful of those in the fitness industry are capable to following a detailed nutrition plan 24/7.

But, that can change in a big way. Below you’ll find out
how to avoid the dieting pitfalls and reach your long awaited goal.

Karen Sessions NSCA-CPT
Figure Coach and Best-Selling Author

Karen Sessions


Fact is, nutrition is the MOST important element in your program if you want to build muscle or get cut. There’s no other way around it. You have to eat the right diet.

Even if you are on the BEST training program from a top-trainer, you will not transform UNLESS your diet is spot-on. Food is a GREAT component in your program. Food can cause your muscles to build and grow and even get stronger and on the same token, food can also cause your body to burn body fat.

The TRICK is how you implement your meals that signal your body to build muscle or burn fat, and some cases do both!

PROBLEM - Not Eating Enough Protein To Support Lean Muscle

If you want a Fit, SEXY, and HEALTHY physique you need to eat a balanced diet, and a balanced diet contains a Complete Protein in EACH meal. I'm actually SHOCKED at how many competitors don't know this; that a complete protein needs to be present in Every Meal and Snacks!

Your body NEEDS protein for Muscle Development. Not only that, protein nourishes your hair, skin, nails, blood, etc. And you WANT shiny hair, glowing skin, and long nails for your figure competition.

Protein is CRUCIAL for Muscle Tissue Repair. If you fail to eat enough protein, just kiss your training sessions bye-bye because working out is USELESS unless you eat the right amount of protein for your body.

To build a balanced physique you need to eat balanced meals and Figure Competition Diets & Recipes outlines that for your body weight and goal.

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I'm not going to lie to you. To lose weight and GET RIPPED you need to lower your caloric intake. HOWEVER, the problem lies in lowering calories TOO much and TOO soon. This can be seen on the figure competitor on stage who's ribs show.

Calories are actually an element USED by your body to give you ENERGY for those crazy insane workouts and to recover micro-tears in your muscle tissue, as well as build hormones for Overall Balance AND Fat Loss!

Too many competitors are looking at the poor little calorie as some evil villain, when all it's doing is HELPING you transform your body.

Yes, you do need to implement a caloric-deficit, BUT it NEEDS to be implemented in the right way. If you just go in at the 12 week mark and start whacking off calories and dieting on lettuce and tree bark, you are going to LOSE MUSCLE and KEEP ALL YOUR BODY FAT.

To get cut and ripped, you need to eat the right calories for YOUR body, and Figure Competition Diets & Recipes outlines that for you.

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PROBLEM - Wasting Time And Money By Not Planning And Prepping

Fail to plan and you're planning to fail. How cliché' right? Yes it is, and so TRUE it is. Another HUGE problem many competitors encounter is not planning... Anything! Planning ahead will Save You A Lot of TIME, HEARTACHE and HEADACHES.

Save Money by purchasing competition products that are not ridiculously priced. There's absolutely no sense in shelling out $100 for an eBook!

Save Time by planning your prep. You plan your prep by taking out a calendar so you can look at all the months. Plan your muscle-building phase. Decide when you will compete and mark that date on the calendar. Count backwards 12-14 weeks and mark your start date.

You can save even MORE time and money by investing in Figure Competition Diets & Recipes. It outlines over 50 prep diets and recipes so you don't have to do the leg work. Just choose your calories and go!


Figure Competition Diets & Recipes Includes:

ALL Low-Fat, Low-Carb, Sugar-Free, Aspartame-Free, and Splenda-Free... You'll be AMAZED!

green check Turkey Bacon & Cheese Omelet

protein smoothie

fish veggies

turkey veggies

green check Protein Pecan Pancake
green check Cheesy Veggie Omelet
green check Calico Eggs
green check Cheesy Veggie Breakfast Wrap
green check Strawberry Protein Freeze
green check Peanut Butter Blast Protein Freeze
green check Chocolate Protein Ice Cream
green check Kokomo Protein Freeze
green check Pineapple and Almond Yogurt
green check Strawberry Almond Yogurt
green check Grilled Steak & Onion Rings
green check Mountain Topper Chicken
green check Boneless Hot Wings
green check Krispy Chicken Tenders
green check Hickory BBQ Chicken
green check Sugar-Free Root Beer
green check Strawberry Chick Salad Crunch
green check Protein Spring Roll
green check Plus a LOT More!

Not Only That, You Get Insider Info on...

straight arrow How to diet down PROPERLY to get lean and to keep your lean muscle
straight arrow Dieting basics (The ground floor info you coach SHOULD be telling you.)
straight arrow When YOU start your figure prep
straight arrow When to eat, how MUCH to eat, and how often to eat to transform your body
straight arrow Foods you MUST avoid to get lean and 6 pack abs
straight arrow How to use the tapering method to BANISH cravings (simple and effective)
straight arrow How to include natural foods that TASTE so darn good
straight arrow Finding out how many calories YOU need when you start your prep
straight arrow How to tweak your program for FAST results
straight arrow How to add sweetness to foods and still be safe and AVOID gaining fat
straight arrow Peak week INSIDER Tips from a 25 year veteran and established figure coach

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"I downloaded your "Figure Competition Diets & Recipes" for some meal plans, and the Cajun rub REALLY saved me so much stress. You have NO idea, I've been eating plain chicken for almost 8 months now trying to build a habit. I marinated it in all sorts of low fat dressings etc. but never could taste them after cooking. At one point, my chicken and the paper plate I microwave it on at work flaked together on a daily basis so I would end up with a mouth full of both cardboard and chicken- completely unable to tell which was which.

Anyway, your rub plus the George Foreman Grill I just bought INSTANTLY turned one of my least favorite meals into something DELICIOUS!"

Julie L.

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figure prep diet ebook

Immediate Download

ALL Recipes are within YOUR caloric AND macro range. As you diet down the diet formats change to wean off certain food items to clean your diet up more.

bad news

Over 50 Diets and Recipes!

These are THE Figure Competition Diets and Recipes you NEED to know and implement to win your figure competition!

ADDED BONUS: Tips and YOU NEED to know about Peak Week. Mess Up Peak Week, and All Your Hard Prep Goes Down the Tubes!


Look... Do you want to diet your full 12-20 weeks on plain chicken breast and broccoli? You can, but you will crash and burn really fast! To keep motivated and actually ENJOY your figure competition prep and diet you NEED a good healthy diet that tastes good and that you can live with. AND, what's even MORE COOL is that your entire family can enjoy these great meals! How easy would it be to be able to cook once for your WHOLE family rather than you having to eat a separate meal, and stew over it?

Hey... I can go on and on about how great it is to diet down with flavor, eat like a somewhat normal person, etc. You know all this. All you need is the figure competition diet plan... And This Is It!

You'll learn short, quick, and easy calculations to find your calories and macros FAST to locate the PERFECT diet menu for YOU! It's really so simple.... And FUN!

Now only that... I've tossed in some Peak Week secrets so you can have a heads-up before your Big Day! Hey, you worked too hard for too long to just do NOTHING the final week and risk it ALL and end up with flat and depleted muscles on your comp day!

Listen... I'm a natural female competitor and I KNOW how a woman's body responds to dieting. I guarantee you will absolutely LOVE these recipes and diet menu plans... You will lose fat and look SMASHING! Your only crime will be that you dieted down on foods you loved and got great results. Your competition just might hate you if you tell them your secret diet menus. ;)

Ok, so how much is this going to set you back? I could EASILY sell it for the ridiculous price of...

$197 $167 $77 $47

I averaged out the cost of what this system is worth and it's $67 total value. But I'm not out to rip anyone off, as I've competed in the fitness industry for years and I know the trials and tribulations, as well as the cost. Since I think you need an honest break...

How about... $47

Yes, I ABSOLUTELY said $47 and that's IT! No more, no less... Hey, us ladies have to look out for one another. Oh, and as an EXTRA BONUS... I'll send you FREE Lifetime Updates! Ok, so go ahead and click the "Order Now" button and start your winning figure competition diet!

"Figure Competition Diets and Recipes"

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