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Attention Competitors Who Want To Lose Body Fat As Quickly And As Simply As Possible...

Lose 100% Pure Body Fat AND SCULPT YOUR BODY With Precise And Structured Contest Prep Diets Which Allow STRATEGIC Re-Feeds AND Cheat Meals...

...And Be Stage-Ready For Your Contest!

SERIOUSLY... A Contest Prep Diet That ACTUALLY Works...

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Lose body fat and build head-turning muscle

contest prep diets ebook

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Eat balanced meals that will get ripped and cut

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Eat properly timed meals for a positive nitrogen balance

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Take structured re-feed days for metabolic over-drive

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Have a cheat meal to amp-up fat loss overall

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Save time and money with everything mapped out for you

All Without Confusion of Doing it Yourself!

Who Is This For? Bodybuilding, Figure, Men's Physique, Female Bodybuilding, Bikini, and Women's Physique

Learn A Bit MORE About Contest Prep Diets & Recipes... 

Imagine, just for a moment, what it would be like to have your body fat in the single digits, to actually be able to FEEL the hard muscle you have, to be able to see it contract as you move, to be able to see right down to the muscle fibers. THAT'S the look the judges are looking for. That's the look you need if you want to Place Well and even WIN your Physique Contest.

... And I know... You probably invested in some Contest Prep Diets online already, and were probably disappointed with the lack of information and direction you were given. The truth is, there is a RIGHT Way and a WRONG Way to diet down. Chances are, you've probably dieted down the wrong way before.

But I Can Help You Change That So You Start Losing Fat THIS WEEK...

karen sessionsHi, I'm Karen Sessions, a certified fitness instructor, best-selling eBook author, researcher, former competitor, and success coach. I've been in the fitness industry for over 25 years and I've helped THOUSANDS of men and women from 20-50+ years of age diet down compete and even win contests, and I'm confident I can help you too.

I wrote Contest Prep Diets & Recipes due to the demand for contest prep diets and the Lack of PROPER DIETS available There IS a certain way to diet down to lose fat and keep your muscle.

The dieting confusion stops here. I have created an easy, step-by-step Contest Prep Diet guide to help you find your caloric intake for your body weight. It's complete with two dieting formats for each caloric outline from 1200 calories to 2000 calories, AND DELICIOUS Recipes precisely designed for Contest Prep! I did all the annoying and hard work for you!

Karen Sessions - Personal Trainer, Author of Contest Prep Diets & Recipes

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No More Guessing... You Will Have FULL Access To CRITICAL Details Such As...

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How to diet down PROPERLY to get lean and to keep your lean muscle
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Dieting basics (The ground floor info you coach SHOULD be telling you.)
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When to start your contest prep
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When to eat, how MUCH to eat, and how often to eat to transform your body
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Foods you MUST avoid to get lean and 6 pack abs
green check How to use the tapering method to BANISH cravings (simple and effective)
green check How to include natural foods that TASTE so darn good
green check Finding out how many calories YOU need when you start your prep
green check How to tweak your program for FAST results
green check How to add sweetness to foods and still be safe and AVOID gaining fat
green check Peak week INSIDER Tips from a 25 year veteran and established trainer and competition coach

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All The Contest Prep Diets Are Precisely Designed To Melt Body FAT And Keep Muscle Mass...

Aspartame-Free, and Splenda-Free... You'll be AMAZED!

green check Turkey Bacon & Cheese Omelet

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fish veggies

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green check Protein Pecan Pancake
green check Cheesy Veggie Omelet
green check Calico Eggs
green check Cheesy Veggie Breakfast Wrap
green check Strawberry Protein Freeze
green check Peanut Butter Blast Protein Freeze
green check Chocolate Protein Ice Cream
green check Kokomo Protein Freeze
green check Pineapple and Almond Yogurt
green check Strawberry Almond Yogurt
green check Grilled Steak & Onion Rings
green check Mountain Topper Chicken
green check Boneless Hot Wings
green check Krispy Chicken Tenders
green check Hickory BBQ Chicken
green check Sugar-Free Root Beer
green check Strawberry Chick Salad Crunch
green checkgreen check Protein Spring Roll
green check Plus a LOT More!


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Do What It Takes To Get Contest-Ready With These PROVEN Contest Prep Diets & Recipes...

Have 100% COMPLETE ACCESS to over 50 Contest Prep Diets AND Recipes, ALL Geared toward fat loss and muscle maintenance. These diets and recipes have been precisely written specifically for Contest Prep. contest prep diets ebook

Each caloric format, from 1200 calories to 2400 calories include two diff rent variations, one for early and modest dieting and the other for hardcore and strict dieting.

Just determine how many calories you need, pull up that caloric diet and follow it. Menu items have been women into each diet plan to give food and flavor variety without all the extra calories, carbs, and bad fat.

They are each hand calculated and outlined perfectly to the finest detail.

Let's Get You Started On Your First Week Of Dieting And Training...

Ok, Here's My Offer...

Contest Prep Diets & Recipes eBook A value of $97 and the regular asking price is $67



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